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Ostuni Historic Centre.Unlike other cities and towns in Southern Italy, getting good information about Ostuni is usually more difficult than it seems. So we have dedicated our time to present to you accurate and up to date information about one of the most beautiful towns in the region.
Welcome to Ostuni. Here, you will find all the information you’ll need about this beautiful town popularly known as the “White Town”. This site is especially dedicated to provide information regarding its history, special events, stunning beaches, Mediterranean architecture, archeological sites, their rich foods, and every other thing that tells you more about this beautiful city.  .

Ostuni is primarily known for the glittering features of its whitewashed houses. Whatever time of the day you enter the city, you are definitely going to be graced by its alluring beauty. The town brims with series of allies, small roads, arches, and staircases, with a clue of the Middle Ages left everywhere in the town. Whether in their churches, at walls of their convents, or at the entrance of a palace, there are evidences of what was going on there for centuries ago.
It is this exquisite combination of both manmade and natural features that makes Ostuni an important place to visit, being one of the most gorgeous towns in the region.

In many ways, Ostuni is the perfect destination for many tourists as it offers not only a perfect climate but also a good number of significant archeological sites, an admirable tradition, series of mesmerizing towns, and some of Italy’s most dazzling beaches

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FOstuni SourrondigBeginning with their rich history, the town boasts of some of the most intriguing archeological findings, including “Delia”, the fossil of a 20-year old pregnant woman close to her delivery, who was believed to have lived there more than 20,000 years ago.
Among the most notable places to visit are the cave of Santa Maria di Agnano, the cave of Sant’ Angelo, the 15th century Concatedrale, the magnificent Archbishop’s palace, and the Cathedral. The latter, built in the 13th century, has attracted thousands of tourists the world over.
Talking about beaches for relaxation, Ostuni has them in abundance. The most popular among them include Torre Pozzela, Lido Morelli, Torre Canne, Guaceto natural reserve, and the Marina di Ostuni. All these are places you can have a cozy relaxation and enjoy the soothing feeling of oceanic beauty.
How about its collection of food and wine? This is one of the places you’ll go in southern Italy that you won’t need to look for something for too long. You are going to love the taste of their local pasta, known as maccheroni al forno which is mixed with meatballs and boiled eggs to make it more palatable. The town is equally known for its abundant production of sea foods in a wide variety. Whether your specialty is cuttlefish, mussels, gilt-head bream, sea bass, Red mullet, or anchovies, Ostuni has them all.
This site will bring you many of these features that make Ostuni an alluring place to be any time of the year.